When the white moonlight substitutes of the four big men are reborn.

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I calmly opened the brocade handkerchief, and there was a sound of shock around me. The corner of the colored silk brocade handkerchief is not a beautiful mascot, nor is it magnificent and colorful. But an ordinary oil-paper umbrella.

A dagger flew out of a man's hand in the back, and in an instant it killed two children less than twelve years old. No Ding Liansi cried to the sky, reaching out to them for help, "Who will save my child.." The people who were shocked by the massacre could not recover for a long time. It was so lifelike that they couldn't tell whether it was true or not. Shen Fuyao, "too miserable." Shen Xingzhao, "but is this family's child really a big devil in the future?" Shen Xiaodeng said, "No matter whether it is or not, we shouldn't kill him like this." Chang Yue looked at Shen Xiaodeng, "but if he doesn't die, more people will die in the future." Shen Xiaodeng looked back, "what right do you have to decide the life and death of others?" It's just that he may become a big devil and kill people in the future, so what's killing him in advance? Kill one man and save thousands? As monks, how can these people play the role of heaven to decide a person's life and death? Perhaps they were in high positions and never put themselves in the place of the murdered. Chang Yue had never been asked such a rhetorical question, and he froze for a moment. The flame in the eyes of the woman in front of him lit up again, like a burning light through his eyes all the way into his heart, and the longer he hurriedly withdrew his line of sight. Shen Fuyao reminded the two people in a low voice, "This is just an illusion, maybe the story is false, you don't take it too seriously." Shen Xiaodeng did not speak, the longer he pursed his lips, the more he thought the illusion was false, but he had heard of the artifact of the Nine Diagrams of Tianji, which was the treasure of Ta-yue Zong. There was also the monk in cassock, who looked familiar when he saw it, and now he finally remembered that Master Wuzang, the organizer of the trial festival, looked like the monk. The fire in the illusion is still burning, until everything is burned to ashes, the five people of the family, the Baiyun Villa are burned to a blackened, and finally congealed into a big character: save. Combined with Ding Liansi's last words: Who will save my child? It seems that breaking this barrier is related to'saving '. When they were clearing their thoughts, a wave of tiredness came, and Shen Xiaodeng closed his eyes and went to sleep one by one. It's like sleeping for a hundred years. When Shen Xiaodeng opened her eyes, her head was muddy like paste,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and her body was heavy and heavy as if she had been pressed by ten layers of quilts. She tried to move her fingers, and it was only after half a sound that she gained control of her body. The room was a little dark, and the white light outside the window came through the heavy curtains and splashed on her mattress. With one hand pressing the slightly painful forehead, Shen Xiaodeng sat up, her long black hair sliding down her shoulders like a waterfall, strands of strands, intertwined with the light on the mattress, and her hand fell down with a delicate luster. She blinked, and her dark eyes were covered with a faint mist. Where is this place? There was a noise from the side, "well, well." With a deep voice like a goose feather on his cheek, Shen Xiaodeng turned his head doubtfully, and there was still a man sleeping in the same big bed. He also sat up with difficulty, wearing a white woman's tunic, because it did not fit well, the chest was slightly open to reveal the cold white skin like marble, the neck was slender, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the Adam's apple bulged, the loose hair decorated his usual coldness, the chin was soft, and the lips were covered with a layer of Rouge, light red. Try to congeal the line of sight, long and more fixed to look at the side of Shen Xiaodeng. As if in a dream, Shen Hsiao-deng called out in a low voice, "Pity.." Chang Yue tilted his head. "Husband?" The author has something to say: the more sober you are, the more you must fan yourself to death. Thank you for a naughty child's 10 bottles of nutrient solution, Choo Mi gt. Women's clothing Husband. I don't know why, when I heard the name of Changyue, Shen Xiaodeng's hair stood up. Chang Yue also had goose bumps. The two men looked at each other in silence, and after a long time, the memories in the depths of their minds gradually revived, as if. They are not the real Chaotian Ge Ding Liansi. One of them is Changyue Shaozhu from the Hairpin Family, and the other is Miss Shen from Yunze Xianfu. They came to Baiyun Villa because they took part in the grand trial. Then they entered the soul-taking array and passed out. …… Come to think of it, Chang Yue's face turned from white to blue, from blue to black, was he just. Also called Shen Xiaodeng this woman, husband? Boom! As if a thunder fell from the sky, Chang Yue's face turned from black to red, and he became angry from embarrassment and attacked Shen Xiaodeng. This hit long more subconsciously used the strength of the half-step golden elixir, did not expect Shen Xiaodeng easily grabbed his hand, a hard pull, the body turned over, even directly pushed him down on the bed! How could this happen, he clearly felt that there was spiritual power running in his body, Changyue looked at it again, and found that he was already a golden elixir, and Shen Xiaodeng, was already a golden elixir in the later period. This is clearly the cultivation of Chao Tiange and Ding Liansi, whose spirits have entered the two couples in the magic array. Shen Xiaodeng is also surprised, the last time she entered the soul array, but the identity is a servant, did not expect to come again she became the master of Baiyun Villa song to the sky, and Changyue actually became Ding Liansi, from a certain point of view, the deployment of people too bad taste. Shen Xiaodeng lowered his head, his long hair rustling down, and his hair grew over the bed. Because of the movement just now, his front was pulled open, and his firm and flat chest was exposed to the cold air. His hair was black and his skin was white, and his cheeks were red. It was really a bit beautiful. The whole body was pressed under the body of a woman, or the woman he hated, the more angry he became, a pair of eyes soaked in snow water stared at Shen Xiaodeng with some red, and shouted in a low voice: "Let me go quickly!" "Let go?" Shen Xiaodeng lowered his head and smiled, and a wisp of long hair swept over the tip of his nose. Cold fragrance lingers, as if there is a stream under the thick snow, carrying the smell of pine, cypress and Taxodium ascendens, cold and unique. Chang Yue was in a trance for a moment, and their distance had never been so close. He saw Shen Hsiao-deng looking down at him from a commanding position and saying, "Now, my cultivation is higher than yours. Why should I listen to you?" "You!" You.. Do you still know shame?! Shen Xiaodeng said,304 stainless steel wire, "In the eyes of Lord Changyue, I am shameless in defending myself. But Lord Changyue's heart is not stable." Chang Yue was ashamed and annoyed, "Shen Xiaodeng!" 。 sxthsteel.com