There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

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The two men were almost evenly matched. Now Yan Jiutian's level is two levels higher than his,asrs warehouse, but after he came out of the Asking Pavilion, he realized several magical powers, and his strength increased thousands of times.

"I don't want to hurt you and the child. I will be gentle." He took out a tocolytic amulet, pasted it on the belly of the little girl, then suppressed the spiritual power, picked up the little girl, and went to their big bed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. After staying in space for dozens of hours, Su Huaining finally felt the meaning. She stared at Duan Xuting several times in anger before she held her sore waist and moved her body to get out of bed. All right, I was wrong. I'll put your shoes on. Don't be angry. Duan Xuting felt guilty and touched his nose, walked over, squatted down, and put on shoes for the little girl. The little girl kicked him angrily. "I told you I didn't want it. You still want it. You lied to me that it would be fine soon. Your fast is a long time. How long have I not left the bed?" No wonder this fellow can draw the tocolysis amulet, he is premeditated, with the tocolysis amulet, he does not have to take care of the child, almost did not make her fall apart, causing her all over the pain. I'll rub it for you and you sit down. The man picked up the little girl, put her on his lap and sat down, then stretched his claws to the waist of the little girl and rubbed them gently. Your little body is too unbearable. Ningning, you should take more pills. It's good for you and your child's health. Duan Xuting's soft voice coaxed him. Su Huaining just does not eat, eat the body is good, is he continues to toss about, she is not stupid. With a straight little face, she said, "No." "I promise it will be lighter next time." Duan Xuting blew air into her ears, which made Su Huaining feel weak all over, like a boneless collapse in his arms, and he had no defense at all. Chapter 2009 Fortunately,metal racking systems, she still has a trace of reason. "Brother Ting, I'm hungry." "Well, I'm hungry, too. I'm not full yet." Duan Xuting's eyes were dark, staring at her white neck, as if he had seen a delicious chicken leg, and his eyes were shining green. Since becoming a monk, Duan Xuting's demand in this respect has become more intense, and the little girl who always tosses and turns is crying for him to let go. What's more, this time he left the little girl for so long,heavy duty cantilever racks, he missed her so much that he didn't eat enough. How could he live up to the amulet he had turned over for a long time before he found the drawing method of the tocolysis amulet? You're all fit. Where do you need to eat? You lie to me. Don't bite my neck. Whoo, brother Ting, I, my waist is sore. "I'll give you the elixir." Duan Xuting took out an elixir, quickly stuffed it into his mouth, then pressed the little girl's head, pinched open her mouth, attached her mouth to the past, directly pried open her lips and tongue, and fed her the elixir. Soon, Su Huaining felt that his strength had recovered, his waist was not sore, and he was full of strength. But then, she was going to cry, until dozens of hours passed, Duan Xuting was full of food and drink, holding the little girl to the bath. The little girl gnashed her teeth and stared at him. "Don't put any more tocolytics on me." With the tocolysis amulet, the child would be all right if he was slapped on his stomach, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, so Duan Xuting did it without scruple and tried his best to toss her to death. The more she cried and begged, the more he did it, and she was about to be killed by him. Duan Xuting smiled with a guilty conscience, and his voice became more gentle. "How can I do that? If I don't stick the tocolytic amulet, I won't be at ease." "Are you afraid of blocking your sexual happiness?" Su Huaining's face was so black that it could almost be used as ink. She lowered her head angrily and bit him on the shoulder. Ningning, are you playing with fire again? The man stared at the little girl's head, his eyes turning green. Su Huaining was afraid, hurriedly loosened his mouth and hid to one side, "I'm ready to soak, go up first, brother Ting, you soak a little longer." With that, he quickly slipped away. Duan Xuting stretched out his hand to pull her back, but thinking of this period of time, he really did too much, stretched out his hand and took it back. Let you go for a while. Low smile, and gentle way, "Ning Ning, in two days, I will leave." Su Huaining's footsteps, his face was full of reluctance, and he heard him say, "The border is temporarily stable, there will be no war, I will come back every night to accompany you." "You're not afraid of being discovered. I don't want you to accompany me. You should accompany your eldest brother and second brother at the border." Su Huaining quickly turned around and said earnestly. Duan Xuting's eyes shrank, and somewhere on her body she gradually woke up again. Did she forget that she had nothing on her body? I I'm going to the house, and you soak slowly. With that, he ran out of the bath. Su Huaining patted his chest, looked down at his body, and muttered, "It's so dangerous that I forgot I had no clothes on my body." Waving her hand, she took out a suit of underwear from the wardrobe and put it on quickly. Then she took out a suit of skirt and put it on properly. Then she sat down at the dressing table and dried her hair with a cloth towel. Hair is not dry, see Duan Xuting with a pair of nothing to wear the body came over, walked to the dressing table, but also deliberately stopped, funny Su Huaining cheeks burst red, deliberately did not look at him, but out of the corner of the eye but saw everything. Chapter 2010 After waiting for Duan Xuting to dress properly, Su Huaining flashed out of the space, "Brother Ting, you sleep alone, I went out, before dawn, I will come to pick you up." With that, the man disappeared. Duan Xuting was stupefied for a long time before he gnashed his teeth and said, "Ningning, are you willing to abandon your husband and stay here alone?" You sound like a resentful woman. Su Huaining heard it outside. She turned over on the heated Kang and hummed. "You deserve it. You haven't done it for eight hundred years. You almost didn't kill me during this time." "My husband is wrong." The attitude of admitting mistakes is very quick and good, but Su Huaining doesn't believe it anymore. This bastard was like this before, but as soon as she softened her heart, he tormented her even more. Su Huaining covered his head with a quilt, closed his eyes, and soon fell asleep, sleeping very sweetly, letting Duan Xuting gnaw his resentment in the space alone. The next day, before dawn, Su Huaining woke up, she released Duan Xuting,radio shuttle racking, and before she could react, she was pressed by Duan Xuting and kissed him mercilessly. His mouth was almost sucked out by him. Duan Xuting was satisfied and said softly, "I'll go first. You have to go back to your mother's home today. Be careful. Remember to change a tocolytic amulet." 。